Bildeston Kings Head
Bildeston Kings Head


(7 to 10 people)

Telephone Nigel or Sue on 01449 741 434 to reserve a table



Please pre-order your food by the Wednesday before your booking either by email or by telephone on 01449 741 434.


For groups of over 10 people please telephone Nigel or Sue on 01449 741 434.


Allergy Advice: please ask at the bar…



    Homemade Roasted Red Pepper and Butternut Squash Soup with baguette                      £4.95

    Homemade Mushrooms Baked in Stilton with salad garnish & baguette                           £5.50

    Breaded Butterfly King Prawns with salad garnish & baguette                                          £5.95

    Homemade Sweet Chilli Chicken with salad garnish & prawn crackers                              £5.95


Mains (*Choice of mashed, new or chip potatoes & peas | @When in season | #Local Red Poll beef)

    Vegetable Spring Rolls with chips, peas and salad garnish                                                 £7.95

    Butchers Ham or Sausage, Freerange Egg with chips & peas                                               £8.25

    Homemade Broccoli and Stilton Bake with salad garnish & baguette                                £8.50

    8-10oz Cod or Haddock in Homemade Beer Batter with chips & peas                                   £8.75

    Premium Wholetail Scampi with chips & peas                                                                        £8.75

    Homemade Quornage Pie with salad garnish & baguette +optional cheese on top              £8.75

    Homemade Cottage Pie # with salad garnish & baguette +optional cheese on top               £8.95

    Homemade Chilli Con Carne # with rice & cheese                                                                    £8.95

    Homemade Fish Pie with salad garnish & baguette                                                                £9.25

    Homemade Chicken, Ham and Mushroom Pie *                                                                     £9.25

    Homemade Mixed Bean Curry with poppadom, naan bread & rice                                        £9.50

    Homemade Chicken Curry with poppadom, naan bread & rice                                              £9.75

    Homemade Thai Green Chicken Curry with rice & spring rolls                                            £9.75

    Homemade Boozy Beef Pie * #                                                                                                 £9.95



    Selection of Ice Creams vanilla, strawberry or chocolate                                                        £3.50

    Homemade Pineapple Fritters with ice cream, custard or cream                                            £4.45

    Chocolate or Syrup Sponge Pudding with ice cream, custard or cream                               £4.45

    Homemade Fruit Crumble with ice cream, custard or cream                                                 £4.95

    Homemade Icecream "Semifreddo" (Tia-Maria coffee or Cointreau orange)                        £5.25

    Cheddar, Brie and Stilton with Oatcakes                                                                               £6.25


Nearly all dishes are homemade and can be child portioned.


Our business hours

Wednesday, Thursday18:00 - 23:30
Friday16:00 - 23:30
Saturday12:00 - 23:30
Sunday12:00 - 22:30
Outside business hours we can be contacted by telephone...

Call Nigel or Sue for reservations

Telephone: 01449 741434 01449 741434


Bildeston Kings Head

132 High Street

Bildeston, Ipswich


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